frame (semantic frame, SF)

a schematic representation of a situation involving various participants, props and other conceptual roles, each of which is a frame element

frame element (FE)

frame-specific defined semantic role that is the basic unit of a frame

frame-to-frame relation

relations between two semantic frame

frame with element restriction (FER)

a structure dedicated to express phrase like "buy book", in which some elements of a frame are associated with restrictions


a frame-to-frame relation in which the child frame elaborates the parent frame; the child frame is said to be a "kind-of" parent frame, e.g. Arriving is a kind-of Motion


a unit made up of one or more lexemes seen as bearing one or more senses, e.g. bringing up consists of the lexemes bring and up

lexical unit (LU)

a pairing of a lemma and frame - i.e. a "word" taken in one of its senses, e.g. the verb tie in the Attaching frame


a semantic frame defined in FrameNet


a semantic frame with a particular lexical unit, which stand for fine-grained meaning


a semantic frame represent a cluster of micro-frames that have near-equivalent meaning